Oscar J. Skavdahl

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Father: Johan Johnsen Skavdahl (1852-1896)

Mother: Marit Olsdotter (1846-1933)

Born ca. 1876 Bjugn, Sor Trondelag, Norway.
Died 19 August 1966, at Littleton, Colorado.

Spouse: Grace Wickersham (1882-1967)

Married 20 December 1905, at Chadron, Dawes County, Nebraska.

Oscar Skavdahl emmigrated from Norway, at the early age of three. His parents had arrived and settled near Miller, South Dakota, two years prior to his arrival with his older sister, Marie, who had taken care of him since their parent's departure from Norway. Oscar was considered too young to make the long journey to the "new country." Although his parents remained in the Miller area, life was not easy there and Oscar departed for greener pastures at the first opportunity.

In his early twenties, Oscar decided his fortunes were in the land to the south and west, and so he arrived in Sioux County. One of his employers was Howard Wickersham, who had recently (in 1904) immigrated to Sioux County from Avon, South Dakota, and purchased a ranch in the Sow Belly area, 15 miles north of Harrison. It was here that Oscar met Grace, one of eight children of Howard and Isa Wickersham. He later bought land and created a ranch 20 miles south of Harrison.

After retiring from the ranch in Sioux County, Oscar boght another ranch near Sedalia (near Castle Rock), Colorado, where he raised Hereford cattle for a few years, before retiring again. He spent the last several years of his life in Englewood, Colorado.


  1. F Susie Blanche Skavdahl (1907-1960)
  2. M Harold Skavdahl (1910-2004)
  3. M William Floyd Skavdahl (1912-2006)
  4. F Mabel Francis Skavdahl (1914-)
  5. F Anna Lilly Skavdahl (1916-)
  6. F Pearl Lucille Skavdahl (1916-2008)
  7. M Howard Skavdahl (1923-)

Spouse2: Esther Edith Woodard (1904-1973)

Married July 19, 1945, at Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Colorado.

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